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Tourist attractions in Sariska National Park


Tourist attractions in Sariska National Park : Travel to Sariska and you will feel the centuries old history of the place. The history of Sariska is as old as 5th century BC when it was mentioned in the Hindu sacred texts that the Pandavas took shelter in Sariksa during the years of seclusion. Under the Mughul rule in the middle ages, the Knakwari Fort was used by Aurangazeb to imprison his brother. During the 8th to 12th century. The rich residents of Sariska constructed a number of temples in the region which still stand as symbols of the glorious past of Sariska. Maharaja Jai Singh started the campaign of converting the region to a protected area in the 20th century which led to Sariska being declare a wildlife sanctuary by the Government in 1958.In 1979, It became a part of the prestigious Tiger project.

Apart from the major tourist attraction of Sariska, the Sariska National Park, there are a few other places worth visiting to if you are traveling to Sariska. Make sure to go through these places if you travel to Sariska and make your Sariska Travel a memorable one. These places are:

Hanuman Temple

Sariska is not only a place to perceive natural wilderness, but also a place with cultural and religious significance. These temples in Sariska are located within the Sariska national park and visitors surely stop at these religious places en route to Sariska. The hanuman temple is located near the watchtower at the Sariska national park, 11 kms from the entrance to the park.

The ancient hanuman temple at Sariska is called Pandu Pole. It is hidden well amidst the green foliage of the forest and creates a mysterious ambience. There is a giant idol of Hanuman that is present in a reclined position and goes back to the days of Mahabharata. There are hundreds of monkeys and langurs running about the hanuman temple premises. Most of these are harmless.


Another interesting place among the places to see in Sariska and a major attraction for the tourists is the pandupol. It is also the most frequently visited spot inside the sariska national park. According to the legend, the Pandaves spent some part of their exile period at the Pandupol in Sariska. This has given the place a significant historical importance and a reason why so many tourists stop to visit the Pandupol en route to the national park. History also claims that it is here at Pandupol that Bhima, who acquired the strength of a thousand elephants, had been defeated in the ego battle by Lord Hanuman.

The pandupol is a natural arch that has been engraved in the limestone because of the action of water, several hundred feet above the ground. There is a beautiful waterfall that is created at the pandupol in Sariska during the rainy seasons.

Kankawadi Fort

Kankawadi Fort is another historical landmark in Sariska and among the few tourist places in Sariska , worth a visit. This is the only place hat shows the Mughul connection of Sariska. When under the Mughul rule, the Kankawadi Fort was built by emperor Aurangazeb. The historical significance of the Kankawadi Fort lies in the fact that Aurangazeb had kept his brother Dara Shikoh a prisoner inside the Fort.

The Kankawadi Fort is situated on top of a hill. It provides a panoramic vision of the birds and the entire avian family of the Sariska National park. The Fort, overlooks the Kankawadi Plateau and a number of Gujjar villages around. The leopards from the surrounding areas visit the Kankawadi Fort often in search of food and water.

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