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Histroy of Sariska National Park

Histroy of Sariska National Park : The history of sariska national park can quite easily qualify as one of the oldest. Some of the sacred Hindu texts mention that the Pandavas, took shelter in these forests during their years of seclusion.

During the middle ages it was under the rule of Aurangzeb, who used the famous Knakwari fort to imprison his own brother.

Established in the year 1955, sariska national park covers a area of 800 sq. kms with a core area of 480 sq. kms. The forest was brought under the protection of the Maharaja Jai Singh of Alwar to safeguard the tiger population in the 19th century. Sariska National Park gained the status of a tiger reserve in the year 1979. Thereafter in 1982 it was accorded with the title of a National Park.

Sariska national park is one of the only national parks in India which is kept open for public throughout the year. The Mewars of Rajasthan had built a number of Jain temples which are still considered a great pilgrimage and therefore the park has to be kept open round the year.

Due to the presence of religious monuments and the surrounding population, sariska national park has seen a constant decrease in tiger population. Unless strict steps are taken by the authorities this culturally rich wildlife park may soon lose its importance.
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