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Flora & Fauna in Sariska National Park

Flora & Fauna in Sariska National Park : Sariska national park is situated in the valleys of the Aravalli hills. The general climate of the region remains dry. Due to lesser number of lakes and ponds, water is scarce. The summers are hot and the winters are quite chilly.

Marred by climatic and geographical characteristics, the flora found in sariska national park is of the dry deciduous type. About 90% of the area is covered with Dhok trees. Other species of flora consists of khair, ber, tendu surwal and goria. The national park wears a dry and arid look during the summers, but with the onset of monsoon a fair bit of green cover can be seen.

The fauna found in sariska wildlife sanctuary is topped by the carnivores which include leopards, wild dogs, jackals, hyenas and a very few number of tigers. The avifauna at sariska is in a relatively better condition. The commonly spotted birds are the peacocks, parakeets, red jungle fowl, quails etc.

Sariska national park is known for the religious monuments that are present in the park. This is one of the main causes for its receding wildlife. The other main reason is the occupation and presence of humans around the park. The uncontrolled grazing of domestic animals and the constant increase in villages nearby sariska is the biggest threat to the ecosystem. Unless stern steps are taken by the authorities to segregate the wildlife from the human encroachment, is undertaken, this wildlife habitat faces a serious threat of losing its inhabitants.
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